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R+A Behind the Lens: What We’re Thankful For Today…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  As we prepared to write our Thanksgiving blog post this year and began reflecting on what we’re most thankful for in this business of ours, we kept coming back to the same thing…and that’s YOU!  We are so so so thankful to every single person who has followed us, supported us, worked with us, and trusted us to document the biggest and most important moments in your lives.  Thanks for making these crazy dreams of ours a reality, thanks for putting food on our table, and thanks for filling our lives with so much love – we love you all so dang much and as we sign off for the next couple of days we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your own families!

P.S. We wish that we remembered to take an #rplusaselfie with all of you…but truth be told we have a really bad habit of forgetting at the end of our shoots – and we love you all!  To see more shots like this and fun behind the scenes stuff be sure to follow us on instagram @rickplusanna!


Snohomish Senior Portraits: Michael

Carrollton GA Senior Portraits: Rick+Anna Photography


Today we’re excited to share some GUY senior portraits with you (yes, we love working with guys also)!  Meet Michael, a 2015 senior at Monroe High School…we absolutely loved his originality in his outfits, and the fact that he brought along both his guitar and his parents for a few shots.  Parents – be forewarned that if you join your senior on a session we’re going to make you jump in front of the camera with them for one or two!  One of our favorite things about working with senior guys is that they are typically very nervous at the beginning of their shoot, and we love seeing how they relax while working with us and have a great time, and most of all we love capturing them for who they uniquely are.

Michael enjoys hunting and fishing, so we chose a river location for his shoot, and not only could we tell that he felt comfortable near the water, but the evening light was simply perfect – and we loved the juxtaposition of his bowtie/suspenders outfit against the natural riverbed environment.  Once he relaxed a bit he totally rocked his photos, reminding us a bit of one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Townes van Zandt, with his guitar.  Michael, thank you SO much for such an awesome shoot.  It was such a pleasure working with you and your family and we wish you all the best as you wrap up your high school days and move on to awesome things!  Love, R+A

carrollton ga senior portraitscarrollton ga senior portraitscarrollton ga senior portraitsMichael-8carrollton ga senior portraitsMichael-18Michael-21Michael-34Michael-41carrollton ga senior portraitscarrollton ga senior portraitsMichael-54Michael-59

We’re so happy that mom and dad jumped in for a few shots!…



Love this moment!




R+A Behind the Lens: A Letter To Rick On The Occasion Of His Birthday

Dear Rick,

Do you remember that time you drove all night to meet me in Paris?  ”Meet me under the Eiffel Tower,” you said, “first thing in the morning.”  I changed my outfit at least 5 times, knowing that ultimately nothing would be worthy of a romantic rendezvous under in arguably the most romantic landmark in the world.  You drove across two countries, spent all of your money on that last tank of gas, and slept in your car just so you could see me for a few hours.

And then I saw you, standing there.  And the world stopped.

And it was in that moment that I knew you were the one.

We spent that afternoon in Paris drinking margaritas and people watching, and you placed your foot next to mine, just barely touching, and held my hand under the table as we laughed together.  Back then, I never could have imagined that years and years down the road we would find ourselves waking up together every morning…that I would look down at my hand and see our initials tattooed into my ring finger, and I surely never could have imagined that we would be living this dream together, spending every single day photographing the type of love that we’ve been so lucky to find in each other.  And this morning we sat drinking our coffee and watching the news as I held baby Trevor and Dylan raced around the house, and I felt your foot just barely touching mine in that familiar way.  And in that moment, as I do in every moment of every day, I knew you were the one.

We’ve been through many birthdays together, you and I.  We’ve spent birthdays traveling the world, going on adventures, and revealing elaborate surprises to each other.  But these past couple of years, especially now that we have the boys, things have been a little different, like today.  Today we drank our coffee together and then went about our day, loving on the boys, running errands, holding hands, eating tacos with your family…just being together without any elaborate surprises or adventures, and as I sat down to write this and reminisced over our past birthday adventures it hit me – I simply can’t imagine things any other way.

We’ve taken some HUGE, scary, and awesome leaps towards our biggest goals these past few weeks, both in this business and in our lives (which I’ll be sharing more about on the blog VERY soon as things slow down a bit!), and I cannot image a better partner as we embark on these next great adventures together.  Happy birthday to the absolute love of my life – I can’t wait to see what our next adventures bring.  Thank you for loving me so fiercely every single day and making all of my dreams come true.



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Photo credit: B. Jones Photography


Sodo Park Wedding: Nicole+David

Sodo Park Wedding: Nicole+David

They had their own versions of anticipation as they prepared for their wedding day…  Nicole laughing and hugging and dancing and singing with her mom and her bridesmaids, and David keeping more to himself with a slight smile that never left his face as he nervously fidgeted with his guitar pick.  As individuals, Nicole and David are extraordinary people – but when they’re together it’s like watching two pieces of a puzzle settling into their perfect fit – their love is palpable and simply joyful in a way that is impossible to put into words.  In fact, if I had to describe their day in one word, it would be JOY.  Joy as Nicole prepared for the day with her bridesmaids, joy when David saw her for the first time, joy when she reached the end of the aisle during the ceremony and the entire bridal party broke out into dancing, joy as they danced their way back up that aisle as husband and wife, joy when she sang him a surprise love song to kick off the reception and left everyone in tears, the list goes on and on.  And one of the things that struck us the most about Nicole and David’s wedding was their bridal party – they were one of the kindest, funniest, and most loving crews we’ve ever worked with – and that type of friendship doesn’t happen everyday…  Even looking back through these images today, our hearts are full of joy and thankfulness that we had the opportunity to play a small part in telling their love story.

Some of our favorite details from Nicole+David’s wedding were the impeccable styling and coordination by The Invisible Hostess, the gorgeous vintage furniture provided by Vintage Ambiance…and most importantly (!) – the donut centerpieces on the reception tables from Mighty O Donuts – which were by far the most useful and delicious centerpieces we’ve ever encountered:)  Days like theirs are simply hard to put into words.  So much emotion, love, and fun – so we’ll let the photos do the talking…

And…as you settle in to view the story of their day, we’ve got the perfect soundtrack for you – Nicole and her bridesmaids, in their limo on the way to Sodo Park, rehearsing the love song that she sang to David as a surprise at their reception.  Click to play…


And a big shout out to the awesome creative team that can together to ensure a perfect day…

Coordination/Planning: The Invisible Hostess

Photography: Rick+Anna Photography

Venue: Sodo Park

Catering: Herban Feast

Florals: Melanie Benson Floral

Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

Hair/Makeup: Off White Beauty

Desserts: Mighty O Donuts

DJ: Integral DJs

Assistant Photographer: Joanna Monger


Nicole+David-1Nicole+David-10Nicole+David-54Nicole+David-71Nicole+David-189sodo park weddingNicole+David-207Nicole+David-205Nicole+David-209Nicole+David-213Nicole+David-245sodo park weddingsodo park weddingNicole+David-270Nicole+David-289sodo park weddingNicole+David-304Nicole+David-309sodo park weddingNicole+David-333Nicole+David-329Nicole+David-338Nicole+David-360Nicole+David-368Nicole+David-402Nicole+David-405sodo park weddingNicole+David-429Nicole+David-453sodo park weddingsodo park weddingNicole+David-503Nicole+David-598Nicole+David-611Nicole+David-626Nicole+David-646Nicole+David-661Nicole+David-675Nicole+David-697Nicole+David-699Nicole+David-714Nicole+David-718Nicole+David-752Nicole+David-759Nicole+David-766Nicole+David-519sodo park weddingNicole+David-787Nicole+David-539Nicole+David-777Nicole+David-795Nicole+David-784Nicole+David-773Nicole+David-842Nicole+David-852Nicole+David-864Nicole+David-876Nicole+David-895Nicole+David-525Nicole+David-919Nicole+David-930Nicole+David-944Nicole+David-963Nicole+David-975Nicole+David-1008Nicole+David-1040Nicole+David-1024Nicole+David-1072sodo park weddingNicole+David-1080


David Webb - November 3, 2014 - 5:28 pm

You guys are the absolute greatest!

Lynne Skinner - November 4, 2014 - 4:21 am

Nicole Jenna sent me the link to your pictures, you look so beautiful and happy. We are very happy for you and wish you the best life has to give.

Roche Harbor Wedding: Melinda+Casey

Roche Harbor Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

Melinda+Casey.  These two.  It’s hard to put their wedding day into words.  A lot of laughter, gallons of happy tears shed, an incredible bridal party, a veil that was flown in on an emergency seaplane trip the morning of the wedding, some of the most beautiful details we’ve every photographed, a reality tv star groom, an incredible couple, a full reception room that sang along to the mother-son dance, chicken and waffles for a midnight snack…the day was, in short, perfect.  And we are so excited to share the photos with you this morning…

Venue/Catering: Roche Harbor Resort

Planning/Coordination and florals: Althauser Design

Melinda+Casey-1Melinda+Casey-31Melinda+Casey-61Melinda+Casey-87Melinda+Casey-102Melinda+Casey-124Melinda+Casey-127Melinda+Casey-136Melinda+Casey-141Melinda+Casey-151Melinda+Casey-174Melinda+Casey-178Melinda+Casey-180Melinda+Casey-185Melinda+Casey-198Melinda+Casey-204Melinda+Casey-213Melinda+Casey-218Melinda+Casey-269roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-300Melinda+Casey-370Melinda+Casey-375Melinda+Casey-383Melinda+Casey-401Melinda+Casey-407roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-455Melinda+Casey-456Melinda+Casey-472Melinda+Casey-476Melinda+Casey-487Melinda+Casey-495Melinda+Casey-501Melinda+Casey-518Melinda+Casey-528roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-594Melinda+Casey-606Melinda+Casey-639roche harbor weddingroche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-654Melinda+Casey-749Melinda+Casey-760Melinda+Casey-762Melinda+Casey-767Melinda+Casey-773Melinda+Casey-774Melinda+Casey-784Melinda+Casey-790Melinda+Casey-795Melinda+Casey-797Melinda+Casey-805Melinda+Casey-810Melinda+Casey-819Melinda+Casey-821Melinda+Casey-823Melinda+Casey-824Melinda+Casey-831roche harbor weddingroche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-661Melinda+Casey-681Melinda+Casey-686Melinda+Casey-690Melinda+Casey-697Melinda+Casey-698Melinda+Casey-688Melinda+Casey-378Melinda+Casey-840Melinda+Casey-859Melinda+Casey-850Melinda+Casey-870Melinda+Casey-877Melinda+Casey-890Melinda+Casey-894Melinda+Casey-900Melinda+Casey-969