Snohomish Senior Portraits: Jackson High School Class of 2014 – Holden

Snohomish Senior Photographer, Class of 2014 – Jackson High School: Holden.

Our day with Holden was one big adventure – filled with amazing light, time spent searching for lost car keys in a huge field (don’t worry, Anna finally found them right as we were about to give up!), and wading through the river at sunset…and we absolutely love what we were able to capture.  As this winter draws to a close, we’re really looking forward to getting out and photographing senior portraits again!

Holden wanted an outdoor “natural” feel for his photos, and as we were driving to our first planned location we passed this field and had to turn around when we saw how great the light was!  It’s amazing how a plain field on the side of a busy road can make a perfect locations under the right conditions…


snohomish senior photographerHolden-11Holden-13snohomish senior photographer

The light!

snohomish senior photographer

After spending 20 minutes searching the field for Holden’s mom’s keys Anna finally stumbled upon them, and we took off to catch the river just as the sun was setting…

snohomish senior photographerHolden-42Holden-45Holden-54Holden-55Holden-60Holden-73snohomish senior photographerHolden-83Holden-86Holden-91Holden-110

Thanks so much, Holden, for such an amazing session.  And when you’re ready to build your modeling portfolio, be sure to give us a call!  -R+A



Seattle Wedding Photography: Snowy Glam Wedding Inspiration

We’ve been waiting quite awhile to share this beautiful shoot with you – and now that it’s been published by Storyboard Wedding (click here to see the feature) we can finally share it here as well!  We have had the privilege of working with so many amazing wedding vendors since we made the move to Washington – fellow artists that have inspired us, pushed us, and supported us beyond our wildest dreams…and sometimes, especially in the cold winter months, there’s nothing better than getting together and doing something really fun and creative with an incredible team.

This Snowy Glam shoot was inspired by our go-to hair and makeup artist, Hannah of Urbanista Weddings.  We knew we wanted to do a shoot in the snow, something really girly with lots of tulle and gold glitter, and we also wanted to incorporate the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year (Radiant Orchid).  We truly pulled together a dream team for this shoot, and in January we all made the trek out to Wallace Falls State Park in hopes of finding snow to fulfill the vision.  Unfortunately, we found a torrential rain downpour instead (alllll day long!), but we made the best of it and even drove up into Steven’s Pass with our models to take a few snowy shots in the pouring rain.  Sometimes, you have to work with what you’ve got, and even though we were all soaked and freezing our models rocked it out and we love what we got!

Photography:  Rick+Anna Photography

2nd Shooter: Berryessa Photography

Styling/Hair/Makeup: Hannah of Urbanista Weddings

Florals: Althauser Design

Bridal Gown Designer: Sarah Seven

Bridal Shop: The Dress Theory

Cake Designer: Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Gluten-Free Desserts: Stone Layne Baked Specialties 

Tutus: Little Dreamers Tutus

Vintage Dish Rentals: Vintage Dish Company

Bridal Stole: White Stole

Accessories: J. Ashley Sellen Couture 

Snowy Glam-21Snowy Glam-27Snowy Glam-36Snowy Glam-44Snowy Glam-61Snowy Glam-72Snowy Glam-80Snowy Glam-126Snowy Glam-143Snowy Glam-136Snowy Glam-148Seattle Wedding PhotographerSnowy Glam-104Snowy Glam-156Snowy Glam-117Snowy Glam-161Snowy Glam-191

Nick Rose - April 10, 2014 - 3:28 pm

Great stuff! What an amazing collaboration!

Stephanie necessary - April 10, 2014 - 3:30 pm

Holy gorgeous!! Seriously dying right now

Chantal - April 10, 2014 - 3:49 pm

Love that crown! An the pink veil?!? I mean come on it all too fabulous!!!

Kelly Embry - April 10, 2014 - 4:21 pm

EVERYTHING about this wedding is wonderful! But that little girl is super adorable <3

Jamie Bodo - April 10, 2014 - 10:21 pm

The colors and styling are so stunning! Fabulous work!

Tosha - April 11, 2014 - 8:44 am

Wow, she is beautiful!! Amazing work!

R+A Behind The Lens: Trevor’s Birth

What an amazing week this has been for us and our new little family of 4 as we welcomed Trevor into our lives last Thursday.  Before I start into his birth story, I have to say a quick thank you to all of our clients, friends, wedding vendors, and fellow photographers for all of the love and well-wishes (and meals!) that we’ve been showered with…you guys have totally blown us away with all of your love and support:)

I’m getting personal on the blog today.  Based on the length of this post, I could obviously write about this birth and homebirth in general forever, so I tried not to let it get too long!  I just know that it feels important for me to share this story with you all, and to help showcase how beautiful, easy, empowering, and essentially pain-free it can be to give birth in such a supported and comfortable environment.  Thanks again to everyone for all of your love and support during this pregnancy and over the past week…we are enjoying baby Trevor more than I could ever put into words and settling into our life as a family of 4 perfectly…  Love, A

Note:  Some of these photos were taken by Rick, some were taken with our camera by one of our midwives, and some were taken by Ashley of Berryessa Photography.  We’ve assigned proper credit above each set of images.

Photo by Berryessa Photography.


OK, here goes…the story of my 2 hour labor and Trevor’s beautiful homebirth!

On Thursday, March 27th, Rick woke me late after letting me sleep in, and we enjoyed a couple of hours with Dylan at home before heading in for our 40 week midwife appointment with the Snohomish Midwives.  I wasn’t having many contractions that morning, but was surprised that I was dilated to about 5cm when our midwife, Sarah, checked me and did a membrane sweep.  She told us that she thought I would be having the baby within a day or two because my body definitely seemed ready, but I never would have imagined I would be paging her just a few hours later!  After the appointment we felt a little restless and decided to go down the block to have some Thai food…and I ate a huge bowl of spicy lemongrass soup, hoping to get something going…

When we got home I started having a few contractions, so I went to lay down for a bit and listen to some Hypnobabies relaxation tracks.  [Note: During this pregnancy/birth I used the Hypnobabies home study course]  Rick left for an appointment in Seattle at 1:30 after we decided that I probably wasn’t in labor, and 15 minutes later at 1:45 I sent him a text and told him that I was fine and he should definitely continue to his appointment.  About 3 minutes after I sent that text I felt a movement/pop during a contraction that made me jump out of bed…and less than 2 minutes later another contraction started that left me a little breathless.  I called Rick right away and told him to turn around and come home!  I thought at that point that I should wait awhile to page the midwives, because my labor with Dylan had been 28 hours long, but as I was trying to time the contractions on my phone I realized they were consistently less than 2 minutes apart and getting pretty strong.  After breathing through a couple, I rushed to my phone and paged Sarah, our midwife, at exactly 2pm.  She called me right back, listened as I moaned through a contraction, and told me she would be over in a few.  Over the next 25 minutes I tried to entertain Dylan, who wanted to give my tummy kisses during every contraction to make it feel better, and I called Rick SIX times to see where he was:)

Photo by Melissa Denmark.


Rick and the midwives arrived to the house at the same time, around 2:30 I think, and our babysitter stopped by to pick up Dylan.  I laid down again to try to relax for a few minutes, and realized that the contractions where about a minute and a half apart at that point and were getting stronger and stronger.  There was a flurry of activity in the house around me as Rick and the midwives rushed around getting everything setup as fast as they could, and every time a contraction would start I would say “Someone get my back!” and one of them would stop what they were doing and run over to rub my back through it before racing away again.  About 30 minutes later my water broke, and I think that at that point it hit me and everyone else that things were happening REALLY fast.  With every contraction I tried to just relax my body and visualize the baby moving down – and can honestly say that I didn’t feel any pain at all, just big pressure sensations – for those who think I’m completely crazy for having a pain-free birth (I would too!)…I attribute it to my Hypnobabies classes.  As I breathed and moaned through them, I could hear the midwives and their team (we had 2 midwives, a trainee, and a birth assistant present) gently cheering me on and telling me how great I was doing…and I remember thinking many times about how nice it felt to be surrounded by, supported by, cheered on, and loved by these amazing women as my body did its thing.

Photo by Melissa Denmark.


After my water broke I started feeling a lot of pressure, like the baby was really low, and I decided to get into the birth tub.  Rick had been working on filling it up (I’ve never been more thankful for a tankless water heater than during my two home births!), and slipping into the hot water felt heavenly.  After I got into the tub Sarah checked me and were were all shocked to hear that all she could feel was the baby’s head and I was fully dilated!  She told me I could push if I felt like it, and even though the contractions were really strong, I found that if I pushed during them there was no pain at all it actually felt really good, and I could feel the baby moving down with each one.  At that point, I remember smiling between contractions because I couldn’t believe that I was already pushing and how great I felt, the mood in the room remained lighthearted with Rick cracking jokes, and I could feel everyone getting excited about meeting the baby so soon.  Every once in awhile someone would place a fresh cold washcloth on my neck, or gave me a sip of coconut water between pushes, and I remember thinking that they knew exactly what I needed without me even saying anything…

Photos by Melissa Denmark.


Let me caveat all of this by saying that I never imagined I could have such an easy, painless, and fast birth after my 28 hour endeavor with Dylan.  His labor left me completely exhausted and was really long and tough, so it was shocking to experience something so different this time around.  I’m not sure how long I pushed, but I’m guessing about 20-30 minutes before I felt his head come out, and I reached down to feel it.  As soon as his head was out, the contractions actually slowed and it seemed like my pushing wasn’t very productive because his shoulders seemed to be stuck (this is a condition called shoulder dystocia that can be quite serious).  I knew exactly what was happening when Sarah told me to change positions and get on all fours and I heard the urgency in her voice, and in that moment I was infinitely thankful to be having a homebirth with these great medical professionals who could use such a simple technique as getting me on all fours to help my baby out, rather than something invasive that would probably have happened in the hospital.  As the next contraction started I pushed while Sarah gave a pull  - and I felt his whole body slide out and then heard someone say “Reach down and catch your baby, Anna!”  At that moment so many emotions enveloped me…and I remember it crossing my mind that it was so special that I had birthed both of my babies in the same room, in our 110 year old house, where so much history had surely been shared among previous families and generations.  Trevor Dale was officially born at 4:06pm, just 2 hours after I paged the midwives and about 2 hours and 15 minutes after my contractions really began.

Photos by one of our midwives, Melissa Denmark…and blurry or not I love them:)  Not too bad for someone who has never worked one of our cameras before!


That moment, picking up little Trevor and pulling him to my chest, was the greatest feeling in the world.  I couldn’t stop laughing and exclaimed “That was so easy, I can’t believe how easy that was!” as I laughed and cried and held his little body against mine and welcomed him into the world.  He turned pink quickly and calmly looked up at me with his bright little eyes and didn’t make a peep.  We eventually got out of the water and I laid down and held him to my chest while we waited for the cord to stop pulsing so Rick could cut it.

Photos by Berryessa Photography.


At that point the babysitter brought Dylan in and he climbed up onto the bed with us exclaiming “My baby brother came out!” and “He’s soooooo cuuuute!” making everyone crack up and bringing me to tears as I held both of my boys in my arms for the first time.  After Rick cut the cord he held Trevor for the first time while I worked on delivering the placenta.

Photos by Berryessa Photography.



Dylan checking out the placenta…


After some bonding time with both of us, Trevor was ready for his official newborn exam and we all took guesses as to what his weight would be – but were completely blown away when he tallied in at 9 pounds 1 oz…what a big baby!  He cried his first sweet little cries during his exam, and checked out 100% healthy and strong.


The rest of the afternoon was spent snuggling with baby Trevor, nursing him, and enjoying everyone’s company as the midwives monitored us to ensure that we were both doing well and Rick ordered a couple of pizzas.  It was strange having a baby in just a couple of hours…it felt like it barely even disrupted our daily routine, and I kept marveling at the little person in my arms who had joined us so quickly and unexpectedly…



Melody Davis - April 8, 2014 - 12:30 am

Such an amazing story. So happy for all of you!

R+A Behind the Lens: Waiting

Photos by Rick.

Today I woke up, still waiting.  Waiting for this little baby whose kicks and punches and flutters keep me up at night with excitement and warm my heart.  Each morning this week I’ve thought to myself, “yes, today is the day,” but each day the contractions don’t quite pick up enough and he decides to stay in the warmth of my stomach a little longer.  So this morning I was thinking about waiting.


Snohomish Maternity PhotographerWe wait for a lot of things.  We wait for things to get better when we’re struggling.  We’ve had times of painful waiting.  Waiting to see each other after a year apart while we were dating.  Waiting to finally get married…  And we’ve had times of positive waiting…  We anticipate vacations months in advance.  We wait for babies to finally come.  We wait for spring….and then the day it arrives we get horrible allergies and we wait for summer.  We wait and work and push for this business to  grow into the lofty goals we’ve set for ourselves.  Rick and I wait for our coveted quiet time each evening after Dylan has gone to bed and it’s just the two of us.  And then we wait for his giggles and kisses and snuggles when he first wakes in the morning.  But these past few weeks there’s been a monumental amount of waiting…of stagnant anticipation, as we’ve looked forward to my going into labor and meeting our second little boy.

Anna-13Snohomish Maternity PhotographerDylan was born a couple of weeks before his due date, so I thought that surely the new little guy would follow in his big brother’s footsteps.  But the days have come and gone, slowly, as we’ve scaled back our photography and marveled at just how big my baby bump can get.  But this past week something changed.  Something shifted.  Without talking about it or quantifying it…we’ve stopped waiting.

Anna-8Snohomish Maternity Photographer

Yesterday we went for a long drive, listening to music as Dylan napped in the backseat and Rick held my hand.  We went to the beach and let Dylan throw rocks in the water and splash around until his jeans were completely soaked and he was happy as a little clam.  Rick held me as the contractions came and then as they slowed again.  We played on the playground.  We dug in the dirt.  We went out for fish and chips.  I saw my husband looking at me with more love in his eyes than ever before.  And I wondered to myself why we’ve spent so much time lately just waiting.  It’s nice to have things to look forward to.  It keeps us going, keeps us excited about what the future has in store.  But sometimes, we forget to just stop waiting for a few minutes and to enjoy the magic around us.  So this week, that’s what we’re doing.  Enjoying this time as a family of three for a little while longer…playing in the sunshine, jumping on the bed with Dylan, flying kites at the park, chasing the chickens through our yard, and loving each other more than ever.

Snohomish Maternity PhotographerAnna-11

Because these in between times, these in between moments, these are the times that life is all about.  So today we’re saying goodbye to waiting.  And you should too.  Hug your loved ones a little closer.  Go out and enjoy this gorgeous Sunday in the sun.  Stop thinking about how you can’t wait for the next big thing to happen, and embrace today.  To our couples:  Quit waiting for your wedding day to come, and remember to enjoy every second that you’re together.  Hold hands, go for walks, and put the wedding planning aside and just love each other.  To our photographer buddies:  Quit waiting for the bookings to come, for your business to explode, for your technical skills to get better…and don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the journey.  Shower the clients you have with love, celebrate the small successes, and show yourself some love and grace and appreciation for how far you’ve already come.  Love, A


Kate Parlee McCullough - March 23, 2014 - 7:31 pm


Donya Hart-Talley - March 23, 2014 - 10:27 pm

This made me stop and think! I am going to stop waiting as well! I spend so much of my time waiting!! I am going to enjoy my boys and this awesome day!!! Miss u guys so much!!! And I adore the pics!!!!!

Ashley Berryessa - March 24, 2014 - 12:47 am

Thanks Anna, beautiful as always.

Michelle Schwager Hanks - March 24, 2014 - 9:43 am


Rainy Seattle Engagement: Shelby+Travis

Seattle Engagement Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

As the date of Shelby+Travis’ engagement session approached we all warily eyed the weather forecast, but even 100% chance of POURING rain all day couldn’t deter us.  They were hoping for engagement photos at a romantic field at sunset, but instead we ended up in downtown Seattle searching out a dry spot at the Olympic Scultpure Park and the alleyways around Pioneer Square…and we had such a good time avoiding the rain and just hanging out that we didn’t want the shoot to end!  Shelby+Travis, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon…we already can’t wait for your Kelley Farm wedding this year!  Love, R+A

Seattle Engagement Photographerseattle engagement in the rainSeattle Engagement Photographerseattle engagement in the rainSeattle Engagement PhotographerShelby+Travis-42Shelby+Travis-43Shelby+Travis-44Shelby+Travis-45Shelby+Travis-60Shelby+Travis-66seattle engagement in the rainseattle engagement in the rainShelby+Travis-72Seattle Engagement Photographer

We’ve had a few questions about how we got (or photoshopped!) this image…so here are our settings:  70-200mm at 120mm, ISO 160, F3.5, SS1/50.  We placed a couple of speedlights behind them at full power (since it was quite bright out even though it was cloudy!) to get the effect of lighting up the rain drops and backlighting Shelby+Travis to separate them from the background.  Rick was standing behind them with the flashes so we did have to photoshop his arm out, but other than that almost no editing was done other than a small exposure adjustment:)

Seattle Engagement Photographer

Alli - March 15, 2014 - 9:17 pm

So great :)

Doug Sukovaty - March 16, 2014 - 1:13 am

Your love for each other is shown in your photos, thanks for sharing them, love you 2! Dad :)

Adam Parth - March 16, 2014 - 2:45 am

You guys are awesome! And consistently so. Great session!

Sonja Ihler - March 16, 2014 - 7:22 am

Great Photos!!!

Kay Skalla - March 16, 2014 - 3:58 pm

How beautiful Travis sooo happy for u. Thank u Lord!!