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Marrymoor Park Engagement Photos: Jennifer+Camerin

Marrymoor Park Engagement Photos: Rick+Anna Photography

Jennifer+Camerin seriously chose the most incredible location for their engagement session a couple of weeks ago…amazing light, tree tunnels, and a supermoon that rose right after sunset to top it all off!  What struck me the most about these two was how incredibly comfortable they were together…they laughed and danced their way through this shoot and it was simply magical.  Jennifer+Camerin are getting married in Minneapolis next year and their amazing Minneapolis photographer (Penny Photographics) referred them to us – and we already can’t wait to see their wedding images!  You guys, thank you so much for a magical evening and for hiking through the woods and lying the wheat field for us – can’t wait to share your full gallery with you tonight!  Love, R+A

Thanks to Ashley of Berryessa Photography for second shooting this session with Anna!

marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-16Jennifer+Camerin-18Jennifer+Camerin-27Jennifer+Camerin-41Jennifer+Camerin-51Jennifer+Camerin-57Jennifer+Camerin-62marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-80marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-99Jennifer+Camerin-103Jennifer+Camerin-106Jennifer+Camerin-114Jennifer+Camerin-121marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-134Jennifer+Camerin-139Jennifer+Camerin-143marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-175Jennifer+Camerin-179Jennifer+Camerin-186



Jerry Lori Hahn - August 28, 2014 - 11:18 pm

These are simply magical!

Kathy Brunko - August 28, 2014 - 11:23 pm


Gail Melville - August 29, 2014 - 1:47 am


Seattle Engagement Photos: Allie+Alex

Seattle Engagement Photos: Rick+Anna Photography

This afternoon we’re so excited to be sharing some of our favorites from Allie+Alex’s downtown Seattle engagement session!  These two are simply adorable, and so comfortable together, and it was so much fun exploring Kerry Park (where they got engaged!!!) and the waterfront with them on a warm and sunny Seattle evening.  We absolutely cannot wait to photograph their amazing wedding next year!

And thank you to Ashely of Berryessa Photography for second shooting with Anna!



Willows Lodge Wedding: Sal+Celeste

Willows Lodge Wedding: Sal+Celeste

44 years ago a young and beautiful exchange student from Chile came to the United States as a 17 year old high school student.  And she met a boy.  He impressed her with long drives in his fast car, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, and as the months went by Sal fell head over heels in love with Celeste – the beautiful Chilean girl that he knew he couldn’t live without.  They were inseparable.  They did everything together and spent every moment together.  And then, one morning, the day they had been dreading finally arrived.  As Celeste’s plane backed out from the terminal Sal imprinted the vision of her smile and wave into his heart, and then he felt it shatter into a million pieces.  There was no internet back in those days, and Chile was in the middle of a revolution.  And so for the next 40 years he accepted the fact that she was lost forever, and they had no communication.  He eventually got married and raised a beautiful family with children of his own, not knowing that Celeste was doing the same thing over 6,000 miles away.  And throughout all of those years not a day went by that Celeste didn’t cross his mind…

And then, 41 years later, with no contact over all that time, Sal found Celeste on Facebook.  ”Are you the girl that was an exchange student from Chile back in 1970?” he messaged her.  And he couldn’t believe it when she wrote him back with confirmation, saying “Yes, I am, just a little bit older,” because he had never stopped loving her over all those years.  They reunited, and we had the privilege of documenting their day as they stood in front of their families and friends and became husband and wife – and he told her with tears in his eyes that she looked even more beautiful than she had looked back in 1970…

And thank you to the incredible creative team that came together to make this gorgeous wedding come to life…

Photography: Rick+Anna Photography

Venue:  Willows Lodge

Event Coordination: VOWS Wedding and Event Planning

Florals: Flora D’Amore

DJ: Integral DJs

Cake:  Creme de la Creme

Hair/Makeup: Salon Maison

Live Music: New Age Flamenco

Officiant:  The Wedding Gentleman



The florals at this wedding were so gorgeous…always such a privilege to document the beautiful work done by Chelsea at Flora D’Amore!


Celeste prepared for the ceremony with her beautiful daughters…

Celeste+Sal-57Celeste+Sal-61Celeste+Sal-76willows lodge weddingCeleste+Sal-96Celeste+Sal-114Celeste+Sal-117Celeste+Sal-122Celeste+Sal-130willows lodge weddingCeleste+Sal-140Celeste+Sal-151willows lodge weddingCeleste+Sal-162Celeste+Sal-188Celeste+Sal-202Celeste+Sal-208Celeste+Sal-213Celeste+Sal-233Celeste+Sal-259willows lodge weddingCeleste+Sal-318Celeste+Sal-321Celeste+Sal-348Celeste+Sal-379Celeste+Sal-386Celeste+Sal-420Celeste+Sal-450Celeste+Sal-609Celeste+Sal-475Celeste+Sal-502willows lodge weddingCeleste+Sal-545Celeste+Sal-565Celeste+Sal-625Celeste+Sal-660Celeste+Sal-681Celeste+Sal-691Celeste+Sal-788Celeste+Sal-776Celeste+Sal-717


Anthony’s HomePort Edmonds Wedding: Allison+Nick

Anthony’s in Edmonds Wedding:  Allison+Nick

We were introduced to Allison+Nick by another one of our amazing 2014 couples, Liza+Jordan (Nick is Jordan’s brother), and it was so incredible to work with their family twice in a 2 month period!!

On a beautiful morning, completely enveloped with love by their family and friends, Allison+Nick tearfully recited their vows on a terrace overlooking the water – and it was simply perfect.  We absolutely love that they chose to have a brunch wedding, and Anthony’s in Edmonds was the perfect location with the most amazing staff!  To be completely honest, I don’t think we’ve ever cried so many happy tears at a wedding before, especially during the toasts…there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Allison+Nick are the type of couple that inspire us.  They inspire us to love deeper, to smile bigger, and to laugh together more often – and we’re thankful for that.  As we prepared this blog post, we were completely struck by how darn happy these two were on their wedding day, and by Allison’s beautiful smile that never left her face:)  You guys, we can’t thank you enough for the privilege of documenting your beautiful and emotional wedding day!  Thank you for making us feel like part of the family (again) and for the awesome opportunity of photographing your love.  Love, R+A

Photography: Rick+Anna Photography

Venue: Anthony’s HomePort Edmonds

Hair/Makeup: Yessie Libby

Allison+Nick Wedding-10Allison+Nick Wedding-22Allison+Nick Wedding-24Allison+Nick Wedding-35Allison+Nick Wedding-41Allison+Nick Wedding-44Allison+Nick Wedding-49Allison+Nick Wedding-53Allison+Nick Wedding-67Allison+Nick Wedding-84Allison+Nick Wedding-86Allison+Nick Wedding-90Allison+Nick Wedding-92Allison+Nick Wedding-129Allison+Nick Wedding-136Allison+Nick Wedding-139Allison+Nick Wedding-149Allison+Nick Wedding-160Allison+Nick Wedding-216Allison+Nick Wedding-228Allison+Nick Wedding-239Allison+Nick Wedding-251Allison+Nick Wedding-286Allison+Nick Wedding-293Allison+Nick Wedding-302Allison+Nick Wedding-305Allison+Nick Wedding-74Allison+Nick Wedding-310Allison+Nick Wedding-311Allison+Nick Wedding-314Allison+Nick Wedding-296Allison+Nick Wedding-324Allison+Nick Wedding-339Allison+Nick Wedding-342Allison+Nick Wedding-347Allison+Nick Wedding-352Allison+Nick Wedding-425Allison+Nick Wedding-431Allison+Nick Wedding-434Allison+Nick Wedding-436Allison+Nick Wedding-438Allison+Nick Wedding-463Allison+Nick Wedding-466Allison+Nick Wedding-467Allison+Nick Wedding-468Allison+Nick Wedding-471Allison+Nick Wedding-482Allison+Nick Wedding-522Allison+Nick Wedding-357Allison+Nick Wedding-353Allison+Nick Wedding-372Allison+Nick Wedding-553Allison+Nick Wedding-558Allison+Nick Wedding-578Allison+Nick Wedding-579Allison+Nick Wedding-618Allison+Nick Wedding-585Allison+Nick Wedding-629Allison+Nick Wedding-634Allison+Nick Wedding-654Allison+Nick Wedding-672Allison+Nick Wedding-699Allison+Nick Wedding-705Allison+Nick Wedding-693

Allison Prange - August 26, 2014 - 2:20 pm

Simply wonderful! I love every single picture! I am so grateful that you were the ones to document our amazing day! Thank you again for all that you do!

Carol Stephens Prange - August 26, 2014 - 8:44 pm

So glad that you have captured both our sons weddings so perfectly. Since you have been such a huge part in both these life events, I feel like you should come over for the Holidays. Thank you so much. The pictures and both of you are wonderful!

Beth McCune Cox - August 27, 2014 - 4:31 am

So beautiful. Such joy on their faces. Congratulation to the growing Prange Family!

Beth McCune Cox - August 27, 2014 - 4:32 am

So beautiful. Such joy on their faces. Congratulation to the growing Prange Family!

Janet Stephens Hernandez - August 29, 2014 - 12:43 am

What lovely pictures of Nick & Allison’s wedding! So wish that we could have made another trip out there but…Love you all!

Snohomish Senior Photographer: Hanna

Snohomish Senior Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

This morning we’re thrilled to introduce Hanna on the blog!  This beauty hails from Snohomish High School, and she is simply the sweetest!  We had so much fun exploring Snohomish High School, running from spiders in a field, playing in the Everett Marina and ending up at the beach for sunset!  Hanna, we can’t wait to see where the future takes you and we’re so thankful to have had the awesome opportunity to dodge the waves at high tide with you and get to know you better.  When you’re a big time fashion designer we hope you remember us little people;)  Love, R+A

Hair/Makeup by Urbanista Weddings

We started the day by exploring the campus of Snohomish High, and Hanna said that she had imagined taking photos in these locations for years – which made it extra special…

snohomish senior photographerHanna 13snohomish senior photographer

One of our favorites from this session…how cool are this spot, this light, and this girl…?!

snohomish senior photographerHanna 28Hanna 32

That red lipstick is just killer on you, Hanna!

snohomish senior photographerHanna 53Hanna 60Hanna 65snohomish senior photographerHanna snohomish senior photographerHanna 82Hanna 87Hanna 99snohomish senior photographer

Love this one of Hanna and her beautiful mother:)

Hanna 106