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Roche Harbor Wedding: Melinda+Casey

Roche Harbor Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

Melinda+Casey.  These two.  It’s hard to put their wedding day into words.  A lot of laughter, gallons of happy tears shed, an incredible bridal party, a veil that was flown in on an emergency seaplane trip the morning of the wedding, some of the most beautiful details we’ve every photographed, a reality tv star groom, an incredible couple, a full reception room that sang along to the mother-son dance, chicken and waffles for a midnight snack…the day was, in short, perfect.  And we are so excited to share the photos with you this morning…

Venue/Catering: Roche Harbor Resort

Planning/Coordination and florals: Althauser Design

Melinda+Casey-1Melinda+Casey-31Melinda+Casey-61Melinda+Casey-87Melinda+Casey-102Melinda+Casey-124Melinda+Casey-127Melinda+Casey-136Melinda+Casey-141Melinda+Casey-151Melinda+Casey-174Melinda+Casey-178Melinda+Casey-180Melinda+Casey-185Melinda+Casey-198Melinda+Casey-204Melinda+Casey-213Melinda+Casey-218Melinda+Casey-269roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-300Melinda+Casey-370Melinda+Casey-375Melinda+Casey-383Melinda+Casey-401Melinda+Casey-407roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-455Melinda+Casey-456Melinda+Casey-472Melinda+Casey-476Melinda+Casey-487Melinda+Casey-495Melinda+Casey-501Melinda+Casey-518Melinda+Casey-528roche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-594Melinda+Casey-606Melinda+Casey-639roche harbor weddingroche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-654Melinda+Casey-749Melinda+Casey-760Melinda+Casey-762Melinda+Casey-767Melinda+Casey-773Melinda+Casey-774Melinda+Casey-784Melinda+Casey-790Melinda+Casey-795Melinda+Casey-797Melinda+Casey-805Melinda+Casey-810Melinda+Casey-819Melinda+Casey-821Melinda+Casey-823Melinda+Casey-824Melinda+Casey-831roche harbor weddingroche harbor weddingMelinda+Casey-661Melinda+Casey-681Melinda+Casey-686Melinda+Casey-690Melinda+Casey-697Melinda+Casey-698Melinda+Casey-688Melinda+Casey-378Melinda+Casey-840Melinda+Casey-859Melinda+Casey-850Melinda+Casey-870Melinda+Casey-877Melinda+Casey-890Melinda+Casey-894Melinda+Casey-900Melinda+Casey-969

Everett Senior Portraits: Alexa, Class of 2015

Everett Senior Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

These past couple of months we’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing Class of 2015 seniors, and we’re super excited to share some of our favorites from Alexa’s session with you today!  Alexa is a gorgeous soccer star, and we had a ton of fun on her Luxe Session exploring downtown Snohomish and the beach!  One of our favorite things about seniors is that each one brings their own unique style and personality…and it’s so fun to capture them for who they are at such an awesome time in their lives.  Alexa, thanks so much for an absolutely incredible shoot!  Love, R+A

everett senior photographerAlexa 11everett senior photographereverett senior photographerAlexa 36Alexa 27everett senior photographerAlexa 46Alexa 67Alexa 62everett senior photographereverett senior photographer




Tacoma Engagement Photography: Rhonda+Decker

Tacoma Engagement Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

If we had to describe Rhonda+Decker’s engagement session with one word, it would be joy.  I know for a fact that we’ve simply never laughed so much during a shoot (but then, we’ve never had a panda mask involved before either!), and these two are so deeply comfortable and happy together that they made our jobs incredibly easy.  We started the Tacoma Museum of Glass, and then hit the downtown area and finished up with a gorgeous sunset along the beach.  Rhonda+Decker, we can’t thank you enough for such an incredible evening.  Thanks for giving us stomachaches and sore cheeks from all of the laughing, thanks for making us feel like old friends, and thanks for sharing your beautiful love story with us.  We simply can’t wait to hang out with you two again and to photograph your wedding day!

And definitely can’t wait to work with the MG Davis Events team and Peter of Peak Digital Cinema to make their wedding day amazing!!

tacoma engagement photographerRhonda+Decker-7Rhonda+Decker-8Rhonda+Decker-13Rhonda+Decker-18Rhonda+Decker-24Rhonda+Decker-29tacoma engagement photographerRhonda+Decker-36Rhonda+Decker-43Rhonda+Decker-50tacoma engagement photographerRhonda+Decker-52Rhonda+Decker-55tacoma engagement photographertacoma engagement photographerRhonda+Decker-79Rhonda+Decker-86Rhonda+Decker-91Rhonda+Decker-93

LOVE these awesome vintage umbrellas from Bella Umbrella!


Pickering Barn Wedding: Kimi+Armand

Pickering Barn Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

Although we were worried about rain in the days leading up the Kimi+Armand’s wedding, their day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Clear blue skies and a gorgeous and hot Pacific Northwest day brought together their friends and families at the gorgeous Pickering Barn in Issaquah.  This entire day was filled with so much joy – from the girls getting ready together in the morning (and pausing multiple times to hug Kimi and cry happy tears with her) – to the dancing in the barn that night…the smiles never left Kimi+Armand’s faces the entire day.  We absolutely loved all of their details, from Kimi’s incredible tulle wedding gown to the groomsmen’s shoes, everything was exquisitely planned and the day flowed perfectly thanks to the talent of Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design.  Kimi+Armand, we cannot thank you enough for the awesome privilege of photographing both your engagement and your gorgeous wedding day.  Your love for each other is a beautiful thing, and we’ve loved every single second that we’ve spent with you guys.  Thanks to you and your families for being so wonderful – we simply couldn’t be happier for you!  Love, R+A

Photography:  Rick+Anna Photography

Venue:  Pickering Barn

Planning/Coordination: Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design

Hair/Makeup: Urbanista Weddings


Kimi+Armand-10Kimi+Armand-413Kimi+Armand-79pickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-115Kimi+Armand-118Kimi+Armand-125Kimi+Armand-141Kimi+Armand-147Kimi+Armand-167Kimi+Armand-177Kimi+Armand-108Kimi+Armand-96


Kimi+Armand-203Kimi+Armand-210Kimi+Armand-212Kimi+Armand-250Kimi+Armand-256Kimi+Armand-261Kimi+Armand-271Kimi+Armand-268Kimi+Armand-299Kimi+Armand-309pickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-315Kimi+Armand-325Kimi+Armand-353Kimi+Armand-373pickering barn weddingpickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-423Kimi+Armand-447Kimi+Armand-450Kimi+Armand-464Kimi+Armand-471Kimi+Armand-475Kimi+Armand-478Kimi+Armand-498Kimi+Armand-513Kimi+Armand-526Kimi+Armand-570Kimi+Armand-614Kimi+Armand-722Kimi+Armand-727Kimi+Armand-737Kimi+Armand-758


pickering barn weddingpickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-755Kimi+Armand-776Kimi+Armand-876pickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-656Kimi+Armand-658Kimi+Armand-670Kimi+Armand-695Kimi+Armand-707Kimi+Armand-710pickering barn weddingKimi+Armand-785Kimi+Armand-797Kimi+Armand-810Kimi+Armand-858


Marrymoor Park Engagement Photos: Jennifer+Camerin

Marrymoor Park Engagement Photos: Rick+Anna Photography

Jennifer+Camerin seriously chose the most incredible location for their engagement session a couple of weeks ago…amazing light, tree tunnels, and a supermoon that rose right after sunset to top it all off!  What struck me the most about these two was how incredibly comfortable they were together…they laughed and danced their way through this shoot and it was simply magical.  Jennifer+Camerin are getting married in Minneapolis next year and their amazing Minneapolis photographer (Penny Photographics) referred them to us – and we already can’t wait to see their wedding images!  You guys, thank you so much for a magical evening and for hiking through the woods and lying the wheat field for us – can’t wait to share your full gallery with you tonight!  Love, R+A

Thanks to Ashley of Berryessa Photography for second shooting this session with Anna!

marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-16Jennifer+Camerin-18Jennifer+Camerin-27Jennifer+Camerin-41Jennifer+Camerin-51Jennifer+Camerin-57Jennifer+Camerin-62marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-80marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-99Jennifer+Camerin-103Jennifer+Camerin-106Jennifer+Camerin-114Jennifer+Camerin-121marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-134Jennifer+Camerin-139Jennifer+Camerin-143marrymoor park engagement photosJennifer+Camerin-175Jennifer+Camerin-179Jennifer+Camerin-186



Deb kemp - August 28, 2014 - 4:27 pm

Awesome pictures!!! Cam you dress up pretty nicely!! Jen you looked beautiful!! Both of you looked like you had a lot of fun!!!

Marilyn Bachmeier - August 28, 2014 - 4:47 pm

Great pictures. You look great together and the settings were perfect.

Jerry Lori Hahn - August 28, 2014 - 11:18 pm

These are simply magical!

Kathy Brunko - August 28, 2014 - 11:23 pm


Gail Melville - August 29, 2014 - 1:47 am


Bindy Hahn - August 29, 2014 - 8:17 am

Awesome pics!

Lori Nelson Belisle - August 29, 2014 - 11:39 am


Roxanne Johnson - August 30, 2014 - 12:12 am

Beautiful they look so happy

Abby Beumer - August 30, 2014 - 5:56 pm

These are fantastic! I am so happy for you guys!